After waving goodbye to smart phone market, LG discontinue support for existing users

You're a mobile user of LG? You've got bad news. In April, the company will announce that it is leaving the smartphone market. Although LG tried to make its name in the smartphone market best, LG could not make its way as planned between large fish such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei in the pond. A new leak has been reported indicating that the company would declare that its mobile services will cease to operate in the coming week. Even worse, worse is that the company will discontinue Software Support for Existing Users as well.

The business suffered quite difficultly. By 2020, the company had to witness a loss of only 23 quarters. The company previously negotiated, but it also failed, with potential buyers. In January, LG acknowledged that it was searching for its mobile device to be removed or reduced in size. The company will issue a formal statement on Monday announcing the end of its smartphone business according to some leakage that circulates in social media. The majority of the employees will be relocated in Changwon, South Korea, to a home appliance company.

Sadly, it was the first company to advertise the rolling mobile phones and all the other technology companies caught their idea. LG has not been able to launch the product after development was stopped by the same year and Samsung and Huawei took the lead.

The deceiver news is that LG users are now no longer going to receive updates on apps. Although the company has remained slow in releasing user updates, LG users should not expect any further company updates for now.

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