Amazon Prime Video will now Let You Shuffle Episodes of TV Shows

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are currently one of the most commonly used video platforms. The user base of these platforms has seen a sudden increase, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. With the goal of being at the top of the list of customers, both enterprises try their best to develop new features to become a comfortable and secure forum. Amazon prime took the lead this time with the Shuffle feature, which allows users to shuffle the tv show episodes.


While the feature is perfect for movie fans, it does have some limitations on selected tv shows. The shuffle feature will reveal the episode and TV show that users have selected and that search will be limited in the same season and set. In contrast to Facebook, it doesn't reveal a comedy movie between cartoons.

For those who love looking at old events, and especially for children, this feature would be enjoyable to not deviate from their actual look.


The lucky ones to get this feature are the Android users. However, Netflix still will not be able to introduce a similar feature by the end of 2020. However, Netflix's shuffle feature is different as it shuffles the whole Netflix catalog much like Facebook. Although the feature is currently only available to Android users, the company plans to implement it for iOS, Fire TV as well as Android TV.

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