Apple ipad pro 2021 version to support thunderbolt port

The new products, including the AirTags Object tracker, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini, are due to be launched by Apple in April. Naturally, the new Apple iPad Pro has been a lot of excitation and rumors. The updates it will offer, two of the most notable changes being a mini LED display and a 5G mmWave connection.


The 2020 iPad Pro has a USB Type-C slot, much like a modern port in Thunderbolt (except for the lightning logo). There is a major difference, however.

Thunderbolt port in Apple iPad pro

Both USB-C port functions are done by the Thunderbolt port, but at a much faster rate. All is quicker, be it charge or transmission of data. It is designed to drive and transfer large video files in explicitly high-resolution versions.

The revised Thunderbolt 3 port of the M1 MacBook Pro is 40GB/s capable of data transfer. It can also accommodate up to a 6K external 60Hz display.

The new iPad Pros should look the same as the 11" and 12.9" iPad Pros released in March. Nevertheless, the latest one is equivalent to the M1 chip with a faster processor.


In addition to the new iPad Pros, Apple focuses on a mini-render iPad with a larger screen on the smallest tablet of the business than the original 7.9-inch touchscreen.

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