Apple Maps is testing Real-Time Crowdsourcing Information

Apple will announce the latest iOS 14.5 update. Although many users don't care about this latest update, a lot of wonderful features are underway. According to the previous leaks, the company was able to test new functionality, including crash reports, speed controls, and the widely discussed transparency of app monitoring. Surprisingly, we have become acquainted with another much expected influenced feature of Google Maps, that is, crowdsourcing.


Just as on Google Maps, Apple Maps will soon give users details on how busy a user's place is and how crowded. In fact, the opening and closing hours of the place will be detailed.

This feature has been revealed by observers from Reddit who discovered that they were lucky enough to be part of the test drive of Apple Maps.

"Routing and Traffic: During your transit (for example, driving or walking), your iPhone sends regularly to Apple, anonymous and encrypted, GPS, speed, and barometric pressure information for improved crowd-based road traffic and air-correcting bases. In addition, you can send your iPhone location data to Apple, anonymously and encrypted, when you open an app in the vicinity of a point of interest (such as business or park) and then add them and let them know if that point of interest is opened and how busy it is.


Now is the best time for us to avoid crowded places in fear of catching a pandemic of coronavirus. Apple gathers information from iPhone users anonymously so that this feature works perfectly. This information is encrypted so that Apple Maps can update companies, parks, and other areas where users are heading.

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