Apple reality headset to be arrived in mid 2022

The company expects to latest release of its long-rumored Apple reality headset "mid-2022," followed by smart glasses by 2025, according to well-respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


Kuo's note contains much detail about the potential headset. The present design is approximately half a pound, but the finished result is approximately one quarter a pound. The headset would have micro OLED screens and technology to support both VR and AR, but it is likely to be of limited support.

"These applications can have more exciting experiences than current VR devices, despite Apple's focus on augmented reality. We suppose that Apple will have the video helmet as one of the key retail locations (e.g., Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, etc.)," Kuo said.

The upcoming headset of Apple reality should be portable and autonomous but not in the same manner as an iPhone. The Apple headset may have two Ultra Hi-Res 8K displays, 12 cameras, and a state-of-the-art eye-tracking system, according to previous rumors.


According to Kuo, the new device in the United States will cost some $1,000. The Oculus Quest 2, currently the most popular wireless VR headset available, is more than double the cost.

In 2025, the company is also scheduled to introduce augmented reality glass, which has existed for a certain time, apart from the Apple mixed reality headset.

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