Apple Watch will now check for cardiovascular frailty patient at home

As a medical monitoring tool, the Apple Watch will now play a key role as Stanford scientists financed by Apple have found that the Apple Watch can measure the fragility of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease reliably when home.

The scientist gathered these data with a specially designed research application named the Apple Watch Series 3 and VascTrac. However, this application is no longer necessary in the future as the six-minute walking and other data from the WatchOS 7 can be used to check your results on your iPhone in the health app.

The Apple Watch and another smart clock will clearly save patients the trouble of seeing a doctor test their functional capacity, according to the research data gathered. In short, if there are any signs of trouble the patients should simply go through their homes. This will certainly help Apple continue to pitch its wristwear as a medical product, causing a new transformation in the medical industry.

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