Bayfikr – a user-friendly Fin-Tech app that makes Pakistani payments more easy for people worldwide

Bayfikr is an international startup in fine technology that is currently being incubated with the National Incubation Centre. With Bayfikr, Pakistanis from outside Pakistan will finally be able to make payments directly, immediately, and safely to other companies in Pakistan by way of their external account or card.

In the face of the uncontrolled, unpleasant, and unintended delays, and additional legacy of money sent to Pakistan to Pakistan, either their families or others, Bayfikr was created by two Pakistani ex-pats out of sheer anger. They realized that the new Pakistani ex-pat does not match the present 'cookie cutter' transfer solutions.

Racism Khattak says Bayfikr's CEO, "Pakistanis in the UAE or the UK must take the time out of their busy schedules to visit an Exchange house or a Bank of Pakistan to pay their families in Pakistan. They have to pay money to pay for themselves. This transfer is principally in the form of cash, which must then be received for its monthly expenses by a family member personally. Otherwise, you will first have to transfer money to a bank account in Pakistan by smartphone, wait until you get the funds, and then connect to the bank and pay a bill or a company if the biller is serviced by that bank. They are both indirect, time-consuming, and costly."

Bayfikr wants to control the money they send to their families from Pakistan throughout the country. Now, they're motivated to make their home payments in a matter of clicks instead of only sending money to their loved ones or to a nearby bank account, reducing family participation.

Currently, Bayfikr is introducing a special and easy-to-use payment app that integrates almost all Pakistani billers and companies. The app simply enables a user to pick the bank account or card they want to pay, and the payment is made instantly. The business currently operates in the UK, the UAE, and Pakistan and has signed strategic ties with banks. They expect to expand very quickly into other parts of the world.

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