Cambridge announces its decision on O Level Exams

Federal Education and Career Training Minister Shafqat Mahmood declared a reschedule of O-level exams after 15 May at Cambridge International Examinations.

Mahmood announced on Twitter that the decision had been taken with the officials of the related bodies after a thorough consultation. The details are shared later by Cambridge.

"The 'A' and 'As' level exams will, however, be conducted in accordance with the strict SOPs as expected," said the minister, wishing everyone the test success.

Mahmood suggested, in a press conference on Wednesday, that the O and A levels exams scheduled for May / June could be postponed.

Mahmood sent a message to the students in his previous tweet that he is in constant contact with Cambridge authorities who had sent him messages or emails.

Most, if not all, tests after 15 May be scheduled for discussion. Tomorrow we need to know more.

The Minister had vowes to perform Cambridge examinations and intermediate and matriculation tests as planned for this year prior to the outbreak of the new version of COVID-19.

He announced that the 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade exams will take place in May and June of this year.

He said, referring to O and A level students, "our children will take exams [inter and matric] on the boards of Pakistan. 'The same rules shall therefore apply to children who pass exams on other boards.

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