Cellphone Imports Surge to $1.31bn in 8 Months of FY21

In the first eight months of FY 21, the country's mobile phone imported amounted by 51.5% to USD 1 311,0 billion, compared with USD 865 million in the same time last year, according to statistics released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.


An official from a cellphone company said the mobile telephone market now cannot beat with rising demand for the Rs10,000-40,000 price range in which many enterprises compete.

He also showed that most customers buy smartphones Rs10,000-25,000. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand also rose as online training became more involved. In the smartphone boom, mass demand for food items from online facilities also played a major role.

Official RS15000-25,000 with 2/3 GB of RAM and 32/64 GB storage options offered by Korean and Chinese producers were presented by one to two new mobile devices each one to two months, providing people who can't afford expensive mobile phones with prices starting with RS 50,000 for a significant amount of relief.


In January, the number of mobile phone subscribers has risen to 178 million, from 168 m in July 2020, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority website.

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