Child protection tools Instagram to block adults from the contact between young users

This is the technology world and it still has some downside with many advantages. We are parents, but one of the worries that are greater than anyone else is saving children from the world of Social Media for good reasons, like pressure on their eyes, etc. Since Covid-19 makes it incredibly difficult to track children as they are always sitting on their computers to attend online classes. Realizing parent concerns, Instagram has developed an incredible feature that prohibits adults from approaching young people under the Child Protection Tools, one of the most used channels for young people.


This technology prevents young users from accounting and adults from getting in touch with young people who they don't know. This is done when insufficient contacts between adults and children have been developed. Although many young people use fake ages to build a platform account, Instagram has chosen to use artificial intelligence to learn the age of the users at the time of registration. This helps the company locate minors.

Instagram wrote in a blog post while highlighting this feature:

"While many people's age is truthful, we know young people can lie about their date of birth. But online verification of the age of people is a difficult process, and there are so many problems that are dealing with in our industry. We create new artificial intelligence technologies and computer training to help us keep young people safer and apply new old-timed features to overcome this problem."

The company has said that it is creating a system that will prevent adults from getting in contact with users under the age of 18.


"This feature depends on our work of predicting the ages of people through machines and the ages when they register"

Instagram warned teenagers that they suspected adult behavior, in particular those who send several private messages.

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