Cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin Blockchain as the Microsoft sets up system

The gravity pull on the markets is heavy this week, as cryptocurrencies feel the strain as they are rapidly pursuing their volatile patterns in rollercoasters.

Bitcoin has jumped back in the green since Friday morning, up 1.5 percent in the last 24 hours, CoinMarketCap reported, after dropping as low as $50.856. Today, BTC sits at 53,000 dollars comfortably.

Two bits of creation seem to respond to the crypto streets. Officially, Microsoft has deployed the much-awaited decentralized blockchain identification network, even supporting Bitcoin.

This project started a little over 4 years ago and was built to help businesses and people who love to rely on a third party.

The government announced that it invested 5 percent of its $350 million pension fund in BTC, another news that enabled Bitcoin to leap out.

While the recovery is encouraging to most investors, the co-founders of the Glassnode analytics firm say another decline is anticipated during the weekend.

The dip is expected to be like other crypto weekends that we saw in the last month or so, but April is expected to be another major month for Bitcoin. The internationally renowned coin can open in April for as little as $80,000, doubling as institutional demand once again pushes to apex.

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