Dale Steyn ends IPL Vs PSL debate in a single sentence

The South African famous pacer, Dale Steyn, believes it's more satisfying to him than it was to play for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and other leagues around the world (IPL).

Steyn said cricket will be forgotten during the IPL's money talks during an exclusive Cricket Pakistan interview, which is one of the causes why he decided to leave last year's tournaments.


Any time off, I wanted. I found it to be a bit more rewarding to play in these other leagues. There's a lot of big squads and big names when you go to IPL, and maybe a lot of money players are earning, so that sometimes, cricket is forgotten somewhere down the way.

Furthermore adding,

Cricket is important when I play in the PSL or the Lanka Premier League. I was here just few days ago and I had people inside and outside my place, all wanting to know where I played and how I did it. Although I'm forgotten, and the main topic is how much money did you pay in the IPL when I went to something like the IPL? That's just how honest I am.

Steyn said he tried to distance himself from this and focus on playing and giving his family and tournaments positive vibes that he felt were worth it.


He also affected Quetta's three trot defeats in the new PSL.

"I'm not too worried, but the line against Peshawar Zalmi will be good to reach. The three players, one would have won for us," he said. "I hope that in the upcoming games we will make a comeback."

The first fast bowler was not too upset about Chris Gayle's departure and said that his bench replacements are "incredible players" as well.

"I think you don't have to win cricket games from one player. Each has its weight to pull," he said.

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