Digital Facebook bracelet that controls the computer from brain

Facebook says it has created a wearable wristband, which can read brain signals and offer you a range of features.

This way, brain signals can be read by a machine like iPod, and you can switch the digital object from one location to another simply by thinking mentally when you see a digital object inside a scene. The digital strap reads electromagnetic (motor) nerves by electromyography from the brain to the hands (EMG).

Nobody could give the perfect answer to this point, which is unusual. Understand or appreciate increased reality as though you see the actual scene through a specific lens and provide digital details. The Pokemon game, which features digital Pokemon characters in real places, is the best example. In addition, enhanced reality can offer any position and the scene new information and aspects.

It can only be used with Google Glass or a head-up display, however, and Facebook believes that digital bracelets can be very useful here. But it is worth noting that in Facebook's laboratories this technology continues to be investigated and further tested. For several years, this has been investigated.

Facebook revealed on March 9, its own Facebook glasses, which could be used in increasing reality. At the same time, extraordinary amounts were spent on the glove and other device research.

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