DJI FPV - A First Person Hybrid Drone

The need for Drones for contactless delivery systems and other operations was realized during the coronavirus pandemic. Now the DJI has released a new FPV drone type that blends the viewpoint, speed, and agility of racing drones. The drone combines the first person's prospect. The integrated camera capability of the consumer drones is easy to control and transmit.

GPS, obstacle detection cameras, ability to float, stop and return home are also provided by the new developments from these drones. A DS-B receiver system is also in operation, which alerts manned pilots in the vicinity. The FPV DJI drone will now be flying in the air.


The DJI FPV drone features high-energy motors capable of delivering a flight at 100 kph in just 2 seconds at a top speed of 140 kph.

The drive is intended for novice or beginner pilots and helps the drone to float and sense an obstacle, as well. The drone has three modes of flight. During manual mode, the training wheels are taken off and the flight is managed fully. The sports mode lets you manually monitor some of the safety characteristics of the Regular mode.

The DJI FPV also has an emergency brake and hover feature, which you can use just one button in any mode.


In its announcement of the launching, Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director of DJI Europe said, "DJI FPV blends like none other the best technologies possible for a hybrid drone. It can be like a racer, it can float like a conventional drone, it can be propelled and it can break faster than anyone. DJI FPV offers the world the absolute thrill of immersive drone flying, without being intimidated by technology and without wasting the time constructing a device. We can't wait until it's attempted by the world."

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