Epic Games Releases Fortnite Season 6 Official Teaser

Epic Games recently published an Official Fortnite Season 6 Reality Log Tweet. The Reality Log Tweet. The HYPEX leaker has confirmed that Xbox has released an official Chapter 2 Season 6 pic. The Combat Bus and the Fortnite logo can be seen in the photo. The backdrop is also colored in yellow and orange, reflecting the theme of the new season.


In a blog post, the Epic games said that the players would be able to experience the first solo narrative gameplay and the "cinematic" event of the game. "When you start the first time in the new season, you will be able to finish the Zero Crisis Finale mission of Agent Jones. The implications of this occurrence will certainly form life as we know it," "

The official teaser also announced that Wolves, Genie, and Robot Jonesy would be included in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. The HYPEX claimed that Neymar is a subtle indication of the picture with Soccer Jersey and number 10.

Chapter 2, Stage 6 begins on 16 March and fans hope that the DC crossing in the coming Stage 6 will take place on a large scale. Some recent reports have suggested that a DC crossover might actually be something in Season 6.'


There is also a bow in the latest pictures, which players can see as a mythical weapon in the next season.

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