Facebook has shut down more than a billion accounts, including the Venezuelan president

Over 1.3 billion accounts and pages, including Venezuelan President, Nicolas Marado's official page, have been blocked or frozen on Facebook for the dissemination of misleading coronavirus information.

The Facebook administrator said that "the dissemination of erroneous knowledge concerning the coronary virus and its vaccines, including closure or freezing of 1.3 billion accounts, was prevented by strict measures over the last three months."

The Declaration added that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's official page was frozen yesterday and shared misleading corona vaccine information. This page outlines a mystical and indigenous way of dealing with corona. This was an instantly deleted video about homeopathic medicine.

In a statement, Facebook recognized that since the middle of last year it has shut down accounts and retired contents to prevent the dissemination of misleading Corona information. More than 12 million things focused on misinformation on corona vaccinations were withdrawn, in addition to closing 1.3 billion accounts over three months, according to health experts.

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