Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down on Friday

Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook apps, which were owned in Facebook, were almost an hour down last night worldwide. Many people couldn't receive messages and send them through those applications. Some people noted that WhatsApp's web also failed to log on to the WhatsApp web during the service outage. The problem started around 10:30 p.m. Friday, in Pakistan and globally, according to reports. For almost one hour, users faced difficulties sending or receiving WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp tweeted the Whatsapp service for 45 minutes worldwide. The company confirmed that, for technical reasons, the service failure was not accurate.


Apps owned by Facebook One million users worldwide have reported service issues, and later Facebook tweeted their services to confirm that their problems have affected them. Following the service restoration, Facebook retweeted and asked users to report if they still had service issues.

Apart from WhatsApp, service problems affected both Instagram and Facebook users. Instagram service outages have been noted for more than 28500 people and WhatsApp services have been complaint about by more than 34127 users.

Downdetector has shown that over 49% of WhatsApp users had connection issues, 48% had no messages sent or received on the app, and 2% could not log on to WhatsApp.


The report states that 57% of Facebook users reported full-service issues and 29% did not have access to a social media application. The report states that Around 66% of Instagram users lost News Feed and its official website access during the issue. The Instagram report indicates.

In addition, for the first time, the social media apps service was not affected. WhatsApp went down for a few hours with Instagram and Facebook last year in December.

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