FAST University Students Win Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021

FAST students developed a QueryCity project, which won the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021 over 650 World Teams. QueryCity is a search engine for students, aimed at making education available to everyone. Muhammad Taimoor Hassan and Ch Hanzaila Maqsood have been developing the project.


These talented and brilliant students will receive the Rs100,000 National Winning Cup in cash prize. Otherwise, they also had Azure credits of $1000.

Querycity provides students with thousands of questions and answers on all subjects throughout their studies. The project solves all the issues facing students on a daily basis in terms of studies. It also helps students save money on textbooks and other resources. It offers an education that any student can easily access at a reduced cost.

The Imagine Cup brings together student innovators who use passion and seek to tackle social problems using technology for reading knowledge. You will work with (and create new!) friends, network with experts, learn new skills, make a difference around the world and win huge prizes."


Every year Microsoft organized a globally Imagine Cup, the Annual Technical Competition. It encourages students to work together with technology in order to deal with social problems. This competition is attended every year by over 650 teams from top universities in Pakistan.

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