FBR Contracts with the Track and Trace System Launch Consortium

A contract with the consortium for the launching of the "Track & Trace Solution" in the tobacco, cement, sugar, and fertilizer sectors was recently signed by the Federal Board of Revenue from 1 July. The aim of the development is to speed up the digital transformation of business, raise sales forecasts and restrict counterfeit goods on the market.


FBR Contracts with the Track and Trace System Launch Consortium

In compliance with the 2019 Licensing Rules and the 2004 PPRAs, FBR has cited the consortium including AJCL (Pvt) Limited, Authentix Inc. USA, and Mitas Corporation as the "most beneficial bid."

FBR states that some 45 million tonnes of cement will, through this production, be brought under a financing structure with over 4 billion tonnes of tobacco cigarettes, 4 million tonnes of sugar, and approximately 30 million tonnes of fertilizer.

The contract was signed by Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed, FBR Member of the International Retailer Corporation (IR-Operations) as well as Dr. Authentix CEO Kevin McKenna, Sten Bertelsen Mitas Corporation, and AJCL CEO Omer Jaffer.

In a tweet, FBR stated,

This system would increase tax revenues, minimize fakes and deter illegal goods from being imported. Track and Trace entail the introduction of a robust, nation-wide electronic tracking system for output volumes, which would enable FBR to track the goods through the entire supply chain by applying over 5 billion tax stamps to different items at the manufacturing stage.


Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed said that after the implementation of the initiative, the FBR is closely working on ambitious schedules through various sectors with the AJCL consortium.

Kevin McKenna said, on the other hand, that development would help to transform the local economy, increase revenue and enhance the process of tax collection even more transparently.

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