FIA Agents Exposed to taking Bitcoin Bribes

Reports showed that the defendant took bribes from people in bitcoin from an investigation launched against former officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber-crime wing (BTC).

The former officials had maintained control of cybercrime and had challenged people who were investigated in pornographic cases according to the details. The former officials were investigated.


Muhammad Ali was named as one suspect engaged in blackmailing heavy bribes.

Similarly, in Lahore, the authorities recently arrested suspects that two Swiss foreigners have been robbed after being taken to undiscovered places. The sources indicate the suspect's digital payments have stolen Rs. 14.7 million (Bitcoin).

In this connection, police said that one of the suspects known as Rana Irfan Mahmood remains open and pending a complaint.


In the case of retrieving the sum of digital holdings, IT experts were also included.

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