For all students all over the world, Stanford opens 'Code in Place' applications

After the pandemic impacted the educational sector adversely, several schools have switched to teaching online. However, by launching a new course called 'Code at the place,' which enabled more als 10 000 students from 120 countries to learn computer programming from 900 voluntary teachers who probably are the most educated people who have ever taught a single class, Stanford took a unique path towards online learning.

Stanford Faculty members Chris Piech and Mehran Sahami designed Code at Place of the first half of CS 106A, the Programmatic Methodology, which is one of Stanford's most popular courses and teaches the basics of computer programming through the common language used by Python. They also developed a new virtual classroom environment based on 'human-centered learning' in order to provide these lessons online.

"It was exciting to be part of this modern online learning model. Piech added: In Position Code, we have built the best part of CS106a through thousands of robust learning communities known as "parts." It just seemed like a lovely view of how humane online learning can be. We thought again who can play the teacher's role. And it worked."

In addition, teachers can also sign up as section leaders in this program. The representatives of these sections conduct immersive weeks with up to 10 students. "I enjoyed communicating with and having an effect on people in far-flung places," says one of the former teachers. It makes the world feel smaller and closer, showing how much we all share."

Student applications are open from 2 April to 8 April. This course is for people in all disciplines and requires no prior programming skills. It consists of weekly lectures and immersive workshops and tasks. In addition, the training team facilitates online discussions outside the allocated sections, in order to benefit from the broad, diverse, and international code in places.

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