Fourth Summit of the National Incubation Center (NIS 4.0) has been successfully concluded

As part of its National Investor Summit series, the National Incubation Center held another successful Summit to close the divide between developers and start-ups, opening the doors to the two. On 25 February 2021, the 4th Summit was held as a simulated event and was witnessed by local and foreign investors.


In January 2020, the NIC launched its national investor summit with NIS 1.0, followed in July by NIS 2.0 and in October by NIS 3.0. Participation by startups in all the national NICs was witnessed by NIS 1.0 and 2.0. Even so, the NIC expanded beyond NIC boundaries to open its NIS 3.0 Summit for non-NIC startups in line with its vision to lead the entrepreneurship community in the country and continued its legacy in NIS 4.0.

There were a total of 15 startups, 13 of which were NIC startups and 2 of which were non-NIC companies. The summit was virtually held and many local and foreign startups and investors participated. The summit took place.

22 local and foreign investors from VC funds as well as local and diaspora angel investors attended NIS 4.0. Investment opportunities were pitched for $9.5 million and 67% of start-ups were locked into office hours by at least one partner. The work hours, conducted on 26 February 2021, were a total of 465 minutes.


The business ecosystem in Pakistan is moving forward, and to accelerate development it is important to structure the investment landscape now. In consideration of this moment's need, the NIC introduced the Investor Series in order to put investors, regulators, ESOs, and other stakeholders on a shared forum to identify bottlenecks that prevent the ecosystem from growing and provide visibility between investors and start-ups.

To date, the NIC has carried out two rounds of its NIC round table with the aim of creating a conducive atmosphere for developers and entrepreneurs and connecting it to better possibilities. NIC has also held four Summit meetings for investors. The date for IRT 3.0 and 5.0 will shortly be announced by the NIC.

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