Google Assistant for Android tests Memory feature

With Google Assistant becoming more and more popular, the company tests new features. The initial purpose of Google's assistant was to operate voice commands, but technological development included intelligent displays and stylish visuals. Google is currently developing a new algorithm using the form factor of the Smartphone to enhance virtual support. There is another feature long-awaited and it's now finally being worked out by the developer. Named Memory, the function allows users to save and find everything in one location easily.

As Google states, "The way to save memory in one place is simple, fast."

Store links to the original sources, real-world items such as artifacts, posters, and written notes, reminders, and thoughts for Google assistants memory feature. You will find this information stored repeatedly in a directory. The best part of this feature is that thanks to the shortcut it is only a tap away.

Google revealed in a blog post that this feature would help users save some items afterward.

"Could save memory: papers, books, contacts, flights, hotels, pictures, movies, songs, notes, photographs, locations, playlists, items, recipes, recallers, restaurant, videos, shipments, and websites." "Can save memory from memories?"

After saving, users can see all together with Snapshot in a "Memory" feed. All these items can be stored by users with an oral order or a home screen shortcut.

In reverse chronological order, Google will save memories. Google can show "older memory" and "today" memory cards in order to facilitate this for users. If you want an assistant to open, you can swipe from the base corner or swipe inside the assistant. The Assistant can be opened from either corner.

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