Google brings new imaginary Chromebooks wallpaper collection

Google Chromebooks also has a new wallpaper range called "Pics," which presents 12 colorful new Chrome OS files. There is an awesome, enjoyable digitally sculpted scene on every background.

The wallpaper was designed by digital artist Leo Natsume. In a lot of scenes and scenarios there are tiles people or personified objects and the title is:


The Band of Savanna
All in next level Bloom Best Mates!
Imagination Castle Goal
New dancing
Lecture and dreaming
The day is increasing
Memento Birthday Creator and Robot

If you would like to choose some wallpaper, simply right-click the desktop on your Chromebook and choose "Set wallpaper," then select  “Set wallpaper,” from the side menu.

Below "Landscapes" and above "Element," the new set is open. This is a roll-out from the server, so all Chromebook versions must be available. If this is not immediately visible, then consider restarting the laptop or reopening the wallpaper picker.


You are welcomed by cityscapes, landscapes, elements, canvas, collages, composition, leisure, time for the dessert, colors, pictures, art, and solid colors in the new wallpapers. Natsume worked with companies such as Facebook and Adobe for this campaign. He produced a different range of people, creatures, monsters, fruits, and vegetables with a sleek, clay-like theme. This specific set has emphasized the joyful moments.

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