Google Chrome 90 Fast and Secure Browsing updated with HTTPS Protocol

Because of its user-friendly use and security, Chrome is a widely used platform. The most recent update, Google's Google Chrome 90 made it easier. The browser uses HTTPS navigation to switch between web pages more quickly with the new updated version. The browser used HTTP navigation for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The browser is more secure than before with the addition of S. It allows users to navigate the Internet safely and protect user information. This new experience has been developed for desktop users and Android users on Chrome 90. This update is later sent to the iOS users.

This information was announced on the Chromium blog that the address bar entities without protocol receive HTTPS:// protocol automatically. Moreover, Chrome selects HTTPS automatically when a user visits a specific website for the very first time so that the experience can be secure and connected easily.

If a certain website does not support HTTPS, Chrome will be kept for IP addresses, single-label domains, and the hostnames reserved on HTTP.

Chrome has also been updated for Android, making it easier for users to load faster with fewer resources. The website loads 13% faster with this new update than the previous one. Before opening them completely, even Android users may see preview pages. Both features can be used by the Android users of Chrome 89.

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