Google Chrome added an option 'Preview page' on Android

In the Google Chrome Android browser, an alternative called "Preview Page" has been introduced to enable users to view the contents of the page before opening the page. According to a leak, Google has explored this feature for the past couple of years and has finally begun integrating Chrome 89 on Android. Google also launched another feature in February of this year, allowing users to group tags.


Use this feature to open the Google Chrome context menu for Android with a long click on the page. Now the new "Preview Page" option should be visible between Open Incognito Mode and Open Link Address. Amount of time To view the 'Preview' options, click on the link to open the menu.

After opening the page with a preview mode, the application will display the icon, name, and field of the page in the top bar. The button on the host page will also be seen to open the page on the screen. You will close the preview tab by clicking on the closing icon or by swiping it.

Google is introducing this feature by updating the Chrome 89 server-wide update (for Android). The update to Chrome 89 will support web sharing, a new discovery stream, customized feed, and more.


In Google news, Google can receive a full report option that gives users more background details about the news report. This feature contains more images of news stories from various sources. The searcher giant appeared on Google News in 2018 and launched the Google Search "full report" tool to help people understand complex news as they search.

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