Google is celebrating Nowruz with Doodle

Google celebrates today's Doodle event of the Nowruz. The National Festival of the New Year is held in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria in the Kurdish regions and throughout Central Asia. It marks the spring of the first day of the first month (Farvardin) of Iranian calendars in the Northern Hemisphere.


It usually takes place between 19 and 21 March in accordance with astronomical calculations. The Sun crosses the heavenly equator and equalizes night and days, which are calculated exactly every year, to observe rituals together.

Specific traditions and ways of the celebration can vary from one region to the next, as different cultures add their own elements, but the central theme is the same.

Nowruz is a spring festival and all its activities show that people are rebuilt and connected to nature. The popular traditional New Year's dishes include sabzi polo Mahi, ash reshteh (a thick green soup with noodles, chickpeas, and beans), and Kuku sabzi, both of which are served with herbs and white fish (vegetable frittata).


Every family arranges a gathering at their oldest family member's home on the first day of Nowruz.

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