Google Photos adds 'In the Spotlight Memories' collection

Google seems to be doing its best to keep users alive and happy by allowing them to access old memories. The company recently released a memories feature for Google Assistant, and now it has something new in the Photos app related to memories. Though Memories isn't a new feature in Images, Google has added a new memory set to the existing one this time. Previously, Google had added new photo sets called Cheers to the Google Photos app. Beer was included in this album, which included pictures of beer in glasses, cans, bottles, and more.

“In the spotlight” is the title of the new Memories series. Photos of stages and audiences can be found in this new set.

Android Police was the first to notice this new addition. It will take about two weeks for photos to appear in Memories, according to them. You can, however, be a lucky consumer who has already received it. To see it, open the Google Photos app and swipe down to the photos section at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a new screen with a series of pictures at the end.

Although the pandemic has made life unbearable for us and we have avoided seeing our loved ones, the memories feature has provided us with some relief. As we reminisce about simpler times, the songs "Cheers" and "In the Spotlight" make us feel alive and hopeful that those days will return soon.

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