Google photos now feature the Google lens to enable smart access

Google Lens was launched in 2017 as an image recognition system for recognizing objects, scanning text, or QR code, connecting to a Wi-Fi network automatedly by showing a camera label or using a menu of restaurant components. However, it was not an easy process to take advantage of Google Lens on your smartphone. Although a number of companies offer a dedicated menu for their own photo application, Google Assistant was launched on your smartphone until now and the dedicated icon was pressed.

Google has now updated its photos and video hosting and editing services for Google Lens, as noted by the Android Police. Google has automatically integrated the Lens. Text recognition is a remarkable mention among the features highlighted by Android Police.

You can translate, read or even transfer a picture from your smartphone to the computer automatically when it is connected to the Google account, which includes text. A product identified by Google Lens can also be purchased over the internet or similar images discovered.

In addition, this Google Photos integration of Lens will allow more people to discover the functions of Google's image recognition tool.

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