Google unveils $25 million in women and girls empowerment grants

Google also announced a number of initiatives and $25 million of funding to support non-profit and social enterprises to inspire women and girls. Google launched a new "Impact Challenge" on International Women's Day. The plan is meant to overcome social barriers and inequalities such that women may access economic equality, develop financial freedom and pursue entrepreneurship development.


Google unveils $25 million in women and girls empowerment grants

According to Google:

The Challenge for the Impact of women and girls through provides $25 million for programs that provide a path for women and girls to succeed. It is a call for submissions and up to $2 million will be provided for selected charity initiatives, as well as mentorship and other Google support."

On the Internet Women's Day, Jacqueline Fuller, President of, added:

"We are going to be with them and help them achieve their vision, whatever these teams need."

The company has confirmed that it will allow team applications worldwide before 9 April.

You will therefore benefit from this initiative, whether you work on a floor initiative that benefits women and girls or has a visionary idea that transforms economic opportunity for women and girls.

Click Here to apply for this challenge

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