Govt announces tax reduction for telecom industry

Since Pakistan's telecoms sector has been identified as 'the company,' a tax reduction for mobile users in the area will be offered by the federal government.

The federal cabinet approved the application on the basis of the ministry's recommendations, according to a Tweet from the IT and Telecommunications Ministry. The Government has announced that it would slow down taxes on telecoms and the use of mobile phones.


A big achievement that will not only benefit smartphone users but also help expand Digital Pakistan's mission to remote areas," says Syed Aminul Haq, Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunications.

Under this major growth, from 12.5% to 10% from the fiscal year 2021-22, and then to 8% from the fiscal year 2022-23, the government imposes a cut on cellular income tax on users' advance taxes.

Similarly, according to the Federal Minister for Information Technology, the Federal Excise Duty (FED) on telecommunication services was reduced from 17% to 16%.


The government wants to slash excise duty in a number of services by 6 percent, according to Haque. "The Rs250, which would support the general public, was excluded from sim transactions.

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