Grammarly Introduces Tone Detection Feature

For its smartphone application on Android and iOS, the tone detection feature is introduced by Grammarly. The new feature can identify the user's tone and provide feedback on how their message can be improved.


The Tone Detection feature is active in any Grammarly app to allow the user to test the confidence, admiration, critical and formal way of listening to their message or email. After typing at least 150 words, the feature will however be functional.

A combination of signals including capitalization, punctuation, and word choice among others analyses Grammarly the piece.


Here is How to use the new feature?

Users wanting to access the Grammar Keyboard Tone Detection feature on iOS and Android need to follow the steps below.

  • Users must go to the Grammar keyboard settings to use the feature.
  • Users must then click the Turn on option.
  • Next, users must type in the message they want to send.
  • To perform the tone detection, users must click on the g logo on the keyboard.

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