Hasan Ali set to enter bio-secure bubble today

Pakistani fast-moving bowler Hasan Ali will join Pakistan's group today, following negative findings from his test for coronavirus, The News reported.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) handout said on Monday, "The players who were positive-tested and who were positive last week will enter the biologically safe bubble on 23 March, and will remain in isolation for 24 hours and then will undergo two additional tests on 24 March.

While PCB won't remember Hasan as a positive player, his lack of presence indicated that He was the isolated player.

If the results of the two tests carried out at the end of the isolation period are negative, Hasan may join the side and on 26 March he will have to travel to Johannesburg.

The remaining 34 participants in a training camp in Lahore, all of whom were present in Lahore, have now cleared out their third COVID-19 test on 21 March. Your final exam will take place on 24 March.

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