Have you received this fake WhatsApp message?

Fake messages also circulate in WhatsApp for prizes or gifts and now, with the name Amazon, there is a similar message being shared these days.

According to the international website, users are often receiving a fake WhatsApp message saying that on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Amazon distributes free presents.

Smartphones are offered as gifts by the company.

When users click this message, they are delighted to be chosen to participate in our survey. Huawei is said to have won an expensive smartphone at the same time.

The message says that we randomly pick 100 clients every Wednesday and give us a chance to win this present. This survey is intended to improve our users' level of service and to give your partnership a 100% reward.

Continuously, the amount of rewards that are available is limited, it's reported you have so many minutes to reply to this survey.

Experts claim it is a fake message that cybercriminals are searching for personal information to avoid clicking in the connection for such a message.

Experts warn that they will use your data for calls, deception, and even stealing your identity.

Technology experts recommend that they should immediately report and block such messages when they are received.

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