HMD Confirms New Nokia Phones are Coming on April 8

So far in 2021, HMD Global revealed its phone. Now the company plans to bring Nokia phones next month. Next month, On April 8, HMD confirms officially New Nokia Phones. With series letter + number, the company will take a new naming scheme. Three phones are arriving, according to the new leaks.


The Nokia G10 and X10 are going to be these. Entry phones in the G-series and lane are included in the X-series.

We know nothing about the devices at the moment. But rumors say that the Helio P22 chipset is operated by the G10. The X10 and X20 would have 5G access on the other hand. This comes with a 480 chipset from Snapdragon. Just one 5G-enabled Nokia, 8.3, is currently available. Therefore, HMD's 5G launch behind the competition.

In the previous reports, the company also works on devices such as Nokia 6.4 and 7.4. What HMD is going to do with these devices is yet to be seen. If the company is renaming them or preferring other designations.


No worries, in the next couple of days we will receive more information. Starting at 3 pm UTC, the event will be broadcast live. #LoveTrustKeep is the hashtag for the event.

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