Honor’s Snapdragon 888-Powered Flagship will Arrive in July

Honor is now an independent brand and we all know that it has begun focusing on its smartphones. The company works on a smartphone with a Qualcomm chipset, according to some latest news. Honor's 888 powered Snapdragon flagship arrives in July according to rumors. The latest phone will be part of the Magic series, according to reports from China.


Earlier this year, Honor released its V40/View 40 series. However, the phone was designed and produced with a 1000 + chipset dimension under Huawei's supervision. Now it is time for Honor to show the state-of-the-art technology.

There are two key explanations why the latest phone cannot arrive earlier by certain industry insiders. The first factor is that the phone design and integration of the Qualcomm platform remain under internal discussion. The second and primary explanation is that Snapdragon 888 chipsets, produced for all of the smartphone companies, are simply not enough.


We hope that Google Services will bring the new phone. The principal cause of Huawei's failure is Google's lack of service and Honor is now free of these constraints. Partnerships with other companies are now possible. Let us see if Honor's new phones can enable the company to become a leader in the brand.

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