How much was the first home sold on Mars?

People have still not put foot on Mars, but a potential home has been sold on the Red Planet.

Named Mars House, the home is the first digital NFT home in the world sold to landowners and sells for over 500,000 people. The home is a non-exchangeable token.

In a 3D file generated by a woman named Kirsten Kim, a virtual map on the buyer was sent to the buyer, saying that the plan was developed with her Digital Buddhist philosophy during the corona epidemic in May 2020. Built according to the concept, that is, a world in which people are healthy.

The Mars House concept uses special glass fabric for greenhouse carpeting that includes dining, sleeping areas and a swimming pool.

The house appears to have been built on the Red Planet hilltop, providing the opportunity to enjoy the natural scenery on Mars.

How much was the first home sold on Mars?

An NFT somehow is like a crypto-currency that records digital assets, but NFTs can not be traded for other things as well as for digital assets as against traditional crypto-currencies. Some people buy it, so they gather rare articles and invest like cryptocurrency. Some of it provides animated and animated pictures, videos, music, etc.

The customer gets a 3D file, which he uploads to the mutual virtual share space of his Metaverse. By purchasing virtual property, users can create digital enterprises and digital homes.

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