How to Enroll for Google Career Certification Courses?

During the COVID days when most professionals and students are sitting at home, Google has developed an amazing updating idea. But while Pakistan has taken online residence education and careers, graduates are unable to get a job this year because of the pandemic. Google has developed career certification courses to equip young men with new skills to support those graduates and other people who are idle at home.


Google currently engages people in data analysis, project management, and user experience (UX) design. Graduates will also be qualified for Android Developer Certification, as this course would prepare people not experienced in Android development entry-level jobs.

No previous knowledge or experience is required to apply to these courses. Since these courses are made online because of coronavirus, even if you are a student or professional, you can easily complete your course side by side.

How to Enrol for Google Career Certification Courses?

  • Click here to open up with Google Page.
  • Click on the tab on the top of the page for Career Certificates
  • The data analytics, Project Management, and user experience (UX) design will be presented to you.
  • Once you have chosen the ability to be selected, click "Learn More" under the skill name.
  • You will be sent to a document that includes minor courses details, click "Get Started"
  • Click on “Enroll”


The Coursera subscription costs $39 each month for this certification. The good news is that the certification course of Google Associate Android Developers is free, so many are able to easily opt for skills but a formal exam fee of $149 must be presented.

Free courses, such as interview tips, CSWs, career coaching, and much more, are also available.

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