Huawei and CMPak conduct Pakistan’s first commercial use of the Smart 8T8R

Zong 4G further combines its role as a Pakistani leader in technological innovation and in partnership with Huawei Technologies has successfully introduced Pakistan's first Smart 8T8R. It was introduced in the current 4T4R network of CMPak (Zong), upgraded to Smart 8T8R in Lahore. This innovation in technology has 1.8 times enhanced capacity, improving user experience.


The continuing growth of mobile web apps, HD video streaming, and online gaming services are challenges for the Pakistani MBB network. Smart 8T8R offers the best approach to meet this steady increase in demand and ensure smooth 5G trends.

The solution Smart 8T8R includes innovative Huawei-based software-defined antennas (SDAs), dual-band RRUs from FDD. It allows software updates on demand, increased 4G capacity, and smooth upgrades to 5G, allowing operators greater options in developing NR-smoothly-dependent FDD networks. The solution would enhance the rapid NR development of the FDD network and will set a new standard for future MBB network requirements.

Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong 4G, said that "CMPak delivers premium service experience across leading technologies. "To improve the user experience and protect future network investments and expand options to develop networks and services, the use of Smart 8T8R."

"When CMPak develops 5 G-ready networks and ensures better operational experience through innovative technology advancements, it will explore and introduce more technological breakthrough," he added.

This success represents Zong's strong capabilities for innovation and is an important component of the technological strategy of developing a high-quality 5G network in Pakistan.


4G users have seen rapid growth in Pakistan over the past two years, with a 100% increase in their 4G device count in Zong alone. 4G users are constantly increasing their data needs in a country like Pakistan, where MBB is used mostly for entertainment and Zong 4G is taking solid, proactive steps. In particular, the launch of Smart 8T8R would pave the way for Pakistan's future technology, like 5G.

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