Huawei introduces new camera technologies and camera products

Huawei Technologies, one of the largest electronic hardware manufacturers in China, was hosting the new product launch event. Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei Machine Vision, presented the latest developments of the camera and of the new products.

The company also launched new technology such as SuperColor, SuperCoding, and AI Turbo, and a new generation of cameras. Recently released, "Cube" incorporates the supersensory RGBW sensor, DNN ISP real-time video noise reduction, AI HDR complete aim improvement, and Deblur to eliminate motion smoke. The newly launched "Cube".

In AI Ultra-Light Camera 2.0, an improved algorithm is provided, which helps increase the recognition by the deep-learning algorithm. Furthermore, the smart extra light is reworked and the intensity changed.

The AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera 2.0 also provides for longer and earlier detection of fireworks. The fireworks detection distance is doubled after enhancing processing speed.

The Eco Camera 2.0 is able to combine different power supply strategies with higher storage space, versatile remote wake-up, and a wider range of sensors.

Smart Video Storage (IVS3800 2.0) uses Super-Coding technology for the creation of more useful data and provides a large-scale, elastic EC technology based on the fully structured AI Turbo algorithm. In the Huawei Cloud AI market, the IVS1800 2.0 smart video storage uses SuperCoding technology, on the other hand.

Solution 2.0 Holographic Interaction enables the acquisition of both non-human and human components of the system and rationally enhances signal management. Adapts to a variety of ways of intersection, such as a cross, T-shaped, X-shaped, Y-shaped, Overpass, and Super great.

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