Huawei P50 Launch Delayed: Now Scheduled in May

We have bad news for you if you're waiting for Huawei P50. The launch of the Huawei P50 is further postponed and is now expected to start at the end of May. The P50 series is a set of flagship smartphones that are supposed to include Harmoney OS without Android. This is one of the principal causes of this delay. I am overwhelmed with the choice made by Huawei because it's better to be late than to launch a device that includes bugs and errors. It reminds me of Samsung's first foldable phone, and the company forgot that it was perfect to manage the device, in an effort to be the first phone.

Two weeks ago, the P50 entered the beta- three test phase and it seems that things do not go well as the launch has been postponed further. Earlier, the device was announced to run before the end of March.

It shows clearly that Huawei is not confident about the OS harmony launch device. The company had announced that after the Huawei-US saga, its devices will be delivered without Android. An open-source Android version works correctly on the already available Smartphones, including foldable Mate X2.

In addition to that, P50, P50 Pro, and P50 Plus will be available in three models. Besides this, the characteristics of all these devices are no longer officially described.

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