iMac Pro - Apple discontinues the base model iMac Pro

It seems that Apple has stopped the iMac Pro. With the Mac model now just "last supplies" in one design.

Late Friday, updates to the online Mac Pro website of the Apple Store severely limited the option of buying customers for the model.


There is no surprise that Apple might discontinue the Pro version; rumors are sure that a new iMac and Mac Pro refresh will be released later this year. There's no question.

In 2017, the iMac Pro was introduced to provide Intel Xeon CPUs with more versatile all-in-one devices for high-tech customers. Even so, the architecture was similar aside from a stronger cooling system and a grey aluminum finish.

iMac Pro - Apple discontinues the base model iMac Pro

The only possible features are an Intel Xeon W 3.0 GHz 10-core, 2.666MHz ECC memory 32 GB, 1TB SSD storage, Radeon Pro Vega 56 8GB, and 10Gb Ethernet.


Apple is set to announce a whole new iMac range of Apple silicone CPUs and GPUs of the next generation. It is not known whether a new model will in the future be launched or whether a future refresh to the product range will incorporate it into the existing iMac line-up.

In the area of the Apple Pro Display XDR, Apple is scheduled to release a redesigned iMac with thin bezels.

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