Independent Fact-Finding Panel Revealed for PSL 2021

Specialized experts on infectious diseases The two members of an independent fact-finding panel to study the bio-certain procedures and the bylaws that had been placed in force during the Pakistan Super League 6 have been Dr. Syed Faisal Mahmood and Dr. Salma Muhammad Abbas.


Dr. Syed Faisal Mahmood is an Associative Professor in the Department of Medicine at Aga Khan University, Infectious diseases Section, while Dr. Salma Muhammad Abbas has the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and the Lahore Research Centre.

By 31 March, the independent panel shall present the PCB Chairman Mr. Ehsan mani with its conclusions and recommendations.

A holistic and thorough analysis of the Standard Operating Procedures of Pakistan Super League 6 by Covid-19 has been done by the independent panel, finding all the gaps and as to why the biologically stable climate has not been free of Covid.


Chairman of the PCB Ehsan Mani commented:

The PCB takes their players' health and welfare, player support staff, and match officials seriously. We have shown our duty to take care of Zimbabwe and South Africa throughout the international round, as well as at nine home events, where 220 matches were successful. These include Multan and Rawalpindi National T20 Cup 34-match and Karachi Pakistan Cup and the first and second elevations of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. The two distinguished experts' independent panel was appointed for the sole objective and fair analysis. Both the relevant stakeholders including the event and hotel personnel, medical and compliance officials, team players and management will talk to the independent panel in order to understand the occurrence of the cases better. The independent panel will make the relevant recommendations.

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