India says that content should be responsible for video streaming platforms

India's Minister of Technology on Thursday said that video streaming platforms must be "responsible and accountable" for the shows and films they produce.

Indeed, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have been boosted by India. In addition, companies including Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video need laws called "intermediate guidelines and the Code on the Ethics of the Digital Media."

The rules come in the face of growing complaints in Inde about obscene material or harming religious feelings on digital or over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. OTT provides content directly to audiences via the internet.

Among the most prominent cases of this kind, the police last month interrogated for hours a leading Amazon Prime Video Manager for a display allegedly injuring religious beliefs. Amazon had to make an apology as well.

On Thursday, Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Indian Technology Secretary, said that other companies have a right to complain.

The new rules of India require tech companies to establish a compliance system, including video streaming giants and appoint new managers to coordinates with law enforcement authorities.

The three-tier grievance resolution structure starts with content platform self-regulation and ends in a governmental panel chaired by an official of the Ministry.

Prasad said, "India is tolerant and is going to remain tolerant. 'But tolerance and tolerance limits should not be assessed by generating the freedom or violence of a specific OTT platform producer.'

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