INOVI opens a mobile assembling plant in Karachi

The opening ceremony in the Karachi factory was conducted yesterday by INOVI technologies. Inovi has also built a state-of-the-art mobile assembling and production facility in Pakistan over the past few years. The firm has now opened a mobile assembling and production facility in the Pakistani city of Karachi.


Inovi Telecom's central objective is to provide people with employment. In addition, they plan to export their own production equipment worldwide, which will ultimately help the country.

In 1995, INOVI Technologies was integrated in order to provide its customers with the best goods and services. Just one business unit, i.e. RME, started with a soft launch (Recording Media and Energy).

At the opening of a mobile assembly and production plant in Karachi, the company made the promise that "we make Pakistan proud"


Both their transfer marks such as Infinix and iTel are planned for the company. The business focuses on providing all respectable institutes with qualified workers, especially in the engineering, information technology, and networking industries. This will not only provide our people with job opportunities but will contribute to the development of standards and standards across the world.

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