iPhone 13 to show up with two major updates

There is always a leak on the iPhone 13, which we hope is real. The fingerprint sensor removed from Apple's phones with iPhone X will be reintroduced in the current device according to a recent survey.

According to analyst Kuo Ming-Chi, the iPhone 12 series had been on virtual shelves for just a few months, but the focus has already been on the iPhone 13, (or whatever new flagship of Apple is called) and on the iPhone 13 Micro, Pro, and Pro Max the other three versions are expected for membership.


The inclusion of a Touch ID scanner would alter the iPhone architecture significantly. We have been opening our phones with Face ID since 2017 but now that we have masks because of the pandemic of coronavirus, it becomes less easy.

Another leak shows that a portless feature could be available. If the iPhone 12 is battery-free, the iPhone 13 would definitely be battery-free.

Right now, what's the general view? A number of reports have shown that the company focuses on architecture design, internal updating, and perhaps, even more, stronger camera capabilities that clearer pictures and night shots take instead of making significant improvements.


So far, the news on when Apple's next iPhone is out is not official or unofficial. The month of September is likely to remain the same in 2021 or to be reversed or reversed. Nothing will ever happen. However, we are confident it will appear in 2021. We are optimistic.

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