JazzCash partners with Haball for Digitized Supplier Payment

As a partner to help digitalize supply chain payments Jazz-Cash, Pakistan's leading technology provider Haball has collaborated with its supplier digitization provider. With this partnership, JazzCash and Haball aim at enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain, empowering retailers and suppliers to move from handling cash to digital payments.


As the majority of the customers are currently using paper cash in their daily shopping and business operations, the partnership seeks to improve Pakistan's digital payment infrastructure. By moving to the digitized modules, users can visibly streamline their operational flow in real time with alerts, timely reports, and an efficient payment mechanism.

This cooperation enables the retailers to receive customer payments using JazzCash QR codes and make further payments to distributors and suppliers using digital wallets, thereby providing all parties with a cashless end-to-end ecosystem.

JazzCash CEO Erwan Gelebart said about the initiative, "JazzCash has reached more than 12 million people in Pakistan successfully. It is imperatives to digitize larger companies and to develop partners from all business avenues to promote this growth and truly cultivate a non-cash business economy in the country. We want to open up a new door to digitization in this digital era and with partners such as Haball to increase efficiency and reduce risks associated with theft and fraud. "


Omer Bin Ahsan, Chief Executive Officer – Haball, responds to this partnership: "JazzCash is the Haball's key partner for both financial inclusion and digitization of payments for the supply chain. This partnership will allow Haball to use the established network of JazzCash to simplify payments to the network of branchless banking services."

JazzCash is the leading digital wallet in Pakistan and currently has more than 12 million mobile users active. JazzCash actively supports the restructuring and digitalization of the financial payment ecosystem in Pakistan with such partnerships in tow.

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