KP Government opposes ban TikTok in Pakistan

On Thursday the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) refused to ban the popular TikTok sharing video app.

KP IT Minister Zia Bangash told Islamabad that the decision to ban TikTok is not 'correct' in Pakistan. Banning social media Apps in the country harms the international view of the country.

"I believe that TikTok is incorrect with the judgment of the High Court of Peshawar (PHC)," insisted Ms. Bangash. "In this sense, we intend to submit a review request."

The Minister stated that she was not opposed to the short video sharing app, but to the elements that create disgrace through TikTok.

Earlier this month a ban on TikTok had been ordered by the Peshawar High Court (PHC).

A PHC bench, chief justice Qaiser Rashid Khan, requested a ban on the app from 11 March. A ban will be enforced.

The Chief Justice had commented at a plea hearing that the government was requesting guidelines to block unethical and immoral content of the application. 'Videos uploaded to TikTok are unacceptable for our community.

In October last year, Pakistan blocked the app for the same purpose for the first time, following a notification from the PTA and the failure of TikTok. The prohibition only lasted 10 days, however, and the app returned to the Internet after the authorities had assured them of taking action. The new type of content that was created has been a constant source of controversy ever since TikTok and other apps that serve similar features among the masses.

Because of the platform's democratic existence, the app was extremely popular among all sections of Pakistani society so that even day-to-day wage earners and those living in remote/rural areas became famously known and popular

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