Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will hit the market on April 8

The start date of the next game smartphone, Legion 2 Pro, was confirmed by Lenovo officially. The company revealed it would arrive in the ASUS ROG Phone 5 and Xiaomi Black Shark 4 series on 8 April. This competition will certainly take shape!

Lenovo officially posted the news, which stated that "a hero is coming forward to solve other people's problems" We must therefore expect a special feature to make the product exclusive to its rivals in the coming gaming phone The Lenovo Legion series also offers a special camera design for smooth streaming and playback.

According to reports, the unit comes with a 65W quick charger. The predecessor Lenovo Legion Pro has dual ports and can be connected to 45W quickly. This permitted charging 90W by telephone. Therefore the Legion 2 Pro can also provide up to 110W load speeds with two 65W loaders attached if it has two USB-C ports.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will hit the market on April 8

During leaks, the upcoming Lenovo device revealed that Snapdragon 888 powered the device with 16GB RAM, and the device would also run on Android 11 OS. Furthermore, last month, the company announced a double-turbo cooler fan on its smartphone.

The original Legion Pro was designed to provide games with comfort and comfort by horizontally maintaining them. Leak reports tell a story that Legion 2 Pro is still focusing on a horizontal game experience. It will also have a high OLED refreshing rate, but it still remains uncertain if 144 Hz is enabled or if it has a higher refresh rate. A side-mounted pop-up camera, like the previous model, could be fitted for the Legion 2 Pro. We must now wait until its official launch to find out all the features and other information.

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