Microsoft kills support for the old Non-Chromium Edge

The support for Edge yesterday was killed not for the current Chromium-based browser but only for the original Edge that was designed for Internet Explorer 11 as a replacement. It's now called Legacy Edge by Microsoft. Microsoft revealed back in August that it would stop the product and eventually stop the product.


Now Edge's legacy won't be updated with stability. If someone still uses it, the process of moving to something new should start.

The Legacy Edge code was originally known as "Spartan" and was added to Windows 10 as the default web browser for the operating system. It was later called Edge by the company. The Edge was officially unveiled in January 2020, and it was beta during 2019.

Microsoft has also announced the automatic removal of the Legacy Edge with the April Windows 10 update and the latest Edge will be needed for users to use.


"Legacy Edge's death in several respects is bittersweet. Most metrics make the latest Edge much better, but the last nail in the sleeves of custom web-rendering engines from Microsoft has been its history back in its early release. It won't probably miss, because of its... success, but the end of an age is still. Officially the old Edge went down, and the current Edge has replaced it fully," says The Verge.

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